Here at LTK we believe that sustainability in both products and operations is more important than ever. The fashion industry alongside many other industries have rarely been held accountable for their impact upon our environment and we feel that it is time things changed for the better. We have outlined below some of the steps we have, and are continuing to take in order to achieve the significant change we believe is necessary for a better and more sustainable future.
In AW20, LTK made the decision to adopt a significant change in strategy, to move away from the typical ‘fast fashion’ model. Every day, hundreds of brands launch thousands of new lines with a seemingly ‘scattergun’ approach of reaching more and more consumers. This strategy results in millions of tonnes of landfill wastage every year, through products which are sent to be disposed of either as returned (unworn) or unsold goods. This is a huge problem environmental concern as the carbon footprint for such a number of unworn goods is astronomical and in no way sustainable for our future.

 We have made the conscious decision to significantly reduce the amount of lines we stock, trimming the fat and only selecting the styles we think are the real winners for our girls. We feel this not only eliminates the usual hundreds of products which end up left over when collections age, but also discourages the heavily materialistic attitude which we have all held for so long at the environment’s expense. Reducing the noise and focusing our ranges we truly believe is a step in the right direction towards a more sustainable model.

 Ever since the launch of LTK, we have ALWAYS ensured that our products come from an animal and cruelty-free background. We refuse to sell real leathers, furs or any other material which has been sourced from animals generally and may contain animal ingredients. We believe it’s more than possible to provide the best ranges, season upon season, without interfering with our friendly neighbours!


The ethical sourcing of products has always been at the very core of our values. Since day one, we have always ensured that our products are manufactured in experienced and approved factories, whether that is in the UK or further abroad. We have never adhered to the ‘race to the bottom’ approach in terms of pricing on our products, as this only ever damages individuals at the end of the supply chain resulting in poorly paid factory workers. Whilst we work to provide the highest quality of goods to our customers for the lowest possible price, we also have to maintain a balance in ensuring that manufacturers whose products are often hand-made, are paid fairly for their hard work. The usage and monitoring of sourcing our products is never a finished task, and we are constantly looking at ways we can improve.
By February 2022, LTK pledges to have at least 80% of its product packaging made from recyclable or re-used material. Millions of items are delivered hourly across the globe, and we forget that not only do the products require our thought and care, but also the packaging we send these in. Historically this has predominantly been plastics and material which cannot be re-used or recycled, having a huge negative effect both on land and at sea. By ensuring we are using products which can be recycled, re-used or at least biodegradable, we are taking a huge step in reducing material left which can be harmful to our environment.


Another major challenge we are facing head on is the usage and sustainability of clothing itself. Currently we are working hard with manufacturers to develop materials which are either made from previously used materials or products, or use materials and develop items which can be further used beyond their life in your wardrobe. Both are an incredibly important ways to increase your items life here on this planet, and thus greatly reducing its negative impact upon the environment.
Additionally we have regularly re-purposed full lines as opposed to manufacturing new ones in order to reduce the wastage which we earlier detailed. For example around 80% of our ‘embroidered’ range all come from re-purposed unused goods which we deemed as necessary to produce in order to practice what we preach.

Black Friday is out, Green Friday is in.  As a brand that holds sustainability close to our hearts, Black Friday is a difficult time for us. We don't support chaotic spending habits that result in garments filling up landfill sites and harming our earth. 


 Instead of promoting compulsive buying, this weekend, we'll be donating 100% of profits to two charities benefiting the world.


After all, we believe our prices should be as consistent as our quality. With this in mind we have discounted some older styles. This is to help move products with higher stock and to allow our customers to still get a good deal this weekend. Fast fashion brands are known to burn excess stock, contributing to climate change by creating more CO2. This will never be us - our occasional price reductions help reduce excess and give our customers the chance to shop slow and get the best quality for the best price. 


No panic buying or flash sales. Ever.


 We have a long way to go but are proud of the conscious steps we are taking everyday to reduce the damage caused by fast fashion companies. 


*Ts and Cs apply - 2022 Green Friday charities:

TREES FOR CITIES - The only UK charity working at a national and international scale to improve lives by planting trees in cities.

HUMAN APPEAL - A non-profit organisation working across the globe to strengthen humanity’s fight against poverty, social injustice and natural disaster. Providing Education, Emergency relief, Food, Healthcare, Water, sanitation, and hygiene to those in need.