Sustainability in Alicia Bonora collection

Here at Luxe To Kill we always strive for change. We hope our efforts to enforce our ideology of sustainability across both our products and our operations will help build a more sustainable future. This ethical principle is one that we have brought with us into 2022 without hesitation.


When designing our latest collection with Alicia Bonora, we wanted to ensure that ethically sourced materials were incorporated. Our greatly anticipated collaboration is comprised of items made from organic cotton and bamboo fabric, which both have significant benefits for the wearer and the planet;


5 benefits of organic cotton:

1. Combats climate change

2. Saves and protects water

3. Helps farmers feed their families

4. Gives control to farmers not GM companies 

5. Eliminates hazardous synthetic pesticides



5 benefits of bamboo fabric:

  1. It doesn’t require pesticides, fertilisers, or irrigation, just rainwater.
  2. It replants itself! New plants naturally grow from the shoots of the old plants. 
  3. Harvesting bamboo doesn’t kill the plant, as the roots will still re-sprout even after the stall is cut and removed.
  4. Bamboo grows easily in areas of the world where other crops can’t grow. 
  5. Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen and absorbs 5 times more carbon than other types of trees.

Wanting to reduce wastage wherever possible as always, we even up-cycled and re-purposed items from last years collections as opposed to manufacturing new lines.