Recycling Our Returns

Every second one truck full of clothes is dumped in landfills across the globe. 95% of those clothes could have been recycled, repurposed or reused. We live in a world that produces 22 million tonnes of textile waste per year…That’s as heavy as 310,000 airplanes!

“We can’t just consume our way to a more sustainable world” – Jennifer Nini.

It was found in a 2021 report by Monash Sustainable Development Institute, that 100 billion garments are produced globally each year, with 33% going to landfill within the first year of purchase.

In addition to this terrifying figure, it also came to light earlier last year that many fast fashion brands send over half their returns to an incinerator or landfill just to save themselves a bit of money…

At Luxe To Kill, we are striving to make a change to this, we never dump or destroy returns. Any spoiled or damaged goods are washed before being donated to charity or even sent off to be recycled.

All the items returned to us in ‘as new’ condition are restocked and resold to our lovely, loyal customers.