Hauls or glorification of overconsumption?

‘Hauls’ generally refer to videos where an individual will show off the vast number of items they have purchased (typically from cheap, fast-fashion brands). As TikTok’s popularity has only grown, the number of fashion hauls we are seeing has really blown up.


Of the items not kept for the intent to wear by influencers the rest are more often than not, shamefully thrown away.


Unfortunately, one of the most dangerous aspects of these hauls is the social aspect, because who would be doing these hauls if they couldn’t post them? It could be argued that these hauls are another argument for societies glorification of overconsumption, fuelling capitalism, leading to waste and damaging out planet.


With this in mind, Luxe To Kill have put into motion a concept we have titled as ‘Sustainable Hauls’. We have outlined a clear idea that all pieces sent out to influencers which they aren’t desperate to keep will be returned to us to be repurposed, resold or even donated.