Ethical Sourcing

Here at Luxe To Kill, we believe that ensuring sustainability in both products and operations is more important than ever. We truly believe that ethical sourcing of products is one of the vital steps we have, and are continuing to take in order to achieve significant change.

Fast fashion accounts for 10% of all carbon emissions in the world, making it the second largest polluting industry, right behind the oil industry.

In addition to pollution, fast fashion companies also exploit their overseas workers to maximise profits. Fast fashion is bad for workers, especially young and underage women who work long hours with minimal pay in unsafe working conditions with no benefits or protection.

Since day one we have always ensured that our products are manufactured in experienced and approved factories both in the UK and abroad. We never adhere to the ‘race to the bottom’ approach in terms of the pricing on our products, as this only ever damages individuals at the end of the supply chain, resulting in poorly paid factory workers.

Slow fashion; for a happier and more sustainable future.