Top 5 Festive films you MUST watch

Hey Ladies, How is the christmas shopping going? It’s finally the less than a week countdown till the big day. Sometimes christmas can be so manic with all the parties and shopping you forget to relax and enjoy the few days off you have. Although we love a good christmas party, sometimes there is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with a baileys Hot chocolate and watching a movie.

So to get you all ready for the Christmas break as most of us are counting down the days till we leave work for a couple of days. Here is a few of our Favourite christmas films for you to look forward to watching.


It’s a wonderful Life

If you haven’t already seen this film it’s a must watch! Yes it’s old and yes it’s sad but it is a great summary of what christmas is all about.


This film pretty much speaks for itself. I can’t imagine there is many people that haven’t already watched Elf. It is the perfect family christmas film to get the whole family laughing.

Miracle on 34th street

Definitely a festive favourite. It will be one the telly at some point over the holidays so make sure you get it on record and snuggle up with blankets ad your loved ones to watch this lovely film.

The christmas chronicles

A new Netflix original that we can’t get enough of. It’s a new take on the classic ‘help santa save christmas’ story line. A film full of laughter but also a tear jerker.

Home Alone

Another great film for all of the family. Is christmas even complete without watching Kevin defeat the wet bandits? And with all the sequels there is hours of christmas film fun. Which is your favourite?

Text: Emily Tanner Image: Emily Tanner