Style Icons: Rihanna

I should start this by saying I love Rihanna. I love that she never behaves or dresses how she’s expected to as a young woman in music. She’s also unarguably talented – she has a unique, powerful voice, which is the only drawback to her attention-grabbing, fearless style – that sometimes it overshadows the main event. But perhaps that says more about our society than it does Rihanna.

But we’re here to talk about her style in general today. Never one to shy away from making a fashion statement, she always dresses the opposite of how you might think. Yes, she wears a lot of brazenly sexy outfits (and judging the bitchy media coverage that these looks often receive, it seems that there is such a thing as a woman having too much body confidence), but she’s also big into streetwear, sporting Vetements, baseball caps and sliders long before they became popular. Strangely (and simplistically) she has a rep for dressing for the boys, but a lot of what she wears is pretty man-repelling – think flatforms, puffa jackets and tracksuits – but she wears it because she likes it regardless of what anyone thinks. There’s a ballsy defiance to everything she wears.

She treats the red carpet like a science lab, testing out new looks and little known designers, when everyone else is wearing pretty mermaid dresses. Rihanna never plays it safe.

So Rihanna, despite the fact you ruined my life with your Umbrella ella ella ella song, I raise my hat to you.