Spice Up Your Life

Hey Luxe ladies! The doom and gloom of winter is fully set in and the holiday blues are unbearable. There is so much to look forward too in the winter months. Including the Spice Girls reunion,  girl if you don’t already know. You’ve been living under a rock. We also announced a giveaway for two VIP tickets but if you missed that? We got you boo. Whichever spice girl you are, we have the shoes for you.


Scary Spice

No one wears leopard print like Mel B. These shoes are the perfect splash of scary spice style to add to your wardrobe.

Sporty Spice

These sock boots with the stripe detail are the perfect addition to a sporty spice wardrobe.


Baby Spice

Famous for her platform trainers there platform buckle heels are a great way to steal some baby spice style. They are also much easier to dance in ready for when your dancing the night away to Spice girls greatest hits.

Ginger Spice

Red hair, red dress, red boots. Can you guess what Geri’s favourite colour was? Keep Geri’s style classy with these red knitted sock boots and if your feeling confident style them with a red belt or bag.

Posh Spice

So I know we are all gutted that VB has announced she won’t be joining the squad on their tour this year but her style is just to die for. Anyway were holding out for a potential guest appearance? Remember when Victoria wore these lace up black heels. Yes, we’ve got some great dupes. These Sarai lace up heels are the perfect posh spice style steal.

Text: Emily Tanner Image: Emily Tanner