New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year huns! We hope you had the best night seeing in the new year and are enjoying the first week of Jan 2019. A big tradition for January is new year resolutions. New year, new you. We aren’t getting on board the whole join the gym, only eat salads and drink water for 5 days before you give up. How ever we do think January is a good time to reflect on the year just gone and continue to do the things that worked for us in 2018 and cut out the things that didn’t.

Self Love

I think we can all agree that learning to love yourself is the most important way to be happy. We all need to be abit more caring towards yourself sometimes. Stop putting the pressure on to be a perfect human being and understand that we are comfortable and happy just the way we are.

Get rid of toxic relationships

It’s about time we realise who is really good for us. In 2019 if people don’t have your back, make an effort and support you then they really need to go.


Be more sustainability conscious

Sustainability is a growing issue and it’s only going to become more relevant in 2019. Simple things like carrying round a water bottle and reusable cup, not using plastic straws and not buying excessive amounts of clothing.

Be more daring

Let your hair down in 2019. Care less and be more daring. Do things you’ve always wanted to do and don’t let fear of failure stop you. It’s perfectly healthy to be scared but we can’t live our best lives if we let that stop us.


Relax more  

Have some more you time in 2019. The less new years resolution directly links to the first one about self love. It’s no good constantly being stressed about things. Enjoy yourself but make sure you leave some time to catch up on sleep and really just let yourself relax.